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          Single phase pneumatic conveyors




          R.G.S. Impianti offers a wide range of pneumatic conveyor systems, suitable for a non-continuous use having a single phase motor 1250watt of power.
          According to the application, they are available different versions:
          In base all'applicazione, sono disponibili diverse versioni :

          *S:suitable for powdered products (filter in fabric and cleaning with contercurrent air jet)
          *R:suitable for powdered products (filter in fabric with rotating cleaning)
          *G:version with unload system pneumatically controlled
          *A:version suitable for food industry
          *C:version suitable for granules with powders (cartridge filter with rotating cleaning)
          *F:version with tangential inlet for fragile products


          Parts anc accessories for all customer needs are available.


          辦公地址:上海市閔行區中誼路1215號3樓A7座 | email: info@rgschina.com.cn | 郵編:201615 | 電話:+86 21 3356 1656 |
          傳真:+86 21 33561656-8010 | 網址:www.chennaiarea.com



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