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          Suction units




          R.G.S. offers a wide range of three phase suction units, with power from 1,5 kw up to more than 22 kw (in case, we can realize suction units with higher performance) , all equipped with side channel blower single or double stage, with dry running.

          They are available version with naked motor (B) or with painted or stainless steel frame(C), according to the sector of application and they can be equipped with:

          *Safety cartridge filger (version F)
          *safety filter chamber with star polyester filter and manual cleaning (version K)
          *electrical control box (version
          If it is necessary to blow cleaned air in the working place, it is possible to install an absolute filter on the suction unit.


          To the loading hopper it is possible to combine also high vacuum suction units : with small dimensions and different powers, using these pump is possible to keep the homogeneity of mixed powders.

          Three phase suction unit with naked motor, safety cartrdige filter and electrical control box

          Three phase suction unit with painted frame and safety cartridge filter


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